Maintenance and Warranty


recommendations for the care and maintenance of your guitar

string tension


It is advisable to always leave the guitar in tune except if it is not going to be used for long periods of time, when it is advisable to loosen the strings for better conservation. It is advisable not to remove all the strings at the same time when changing them, but to loosen them one by one and tune them as soon the new string is replaced. If the guitar travels as airplane luggage, the strings should be left completely loose.


atmospheric agents:


A sudden change from a humid environment to a dry one can damage the guitar, no matter how cured the wood is. It is recommended to keep the guitar in an environment with a humidity between 60% and 80%. If you live in an area with a very dry climate or if there is a drier environment due to heating, it is advisable to use guitar humidifiers on the instrument or in its case. Avoid exposing the guitar to direct sunlight and other extreme heat, as such exposure may cause irreparable damage to your instrument.


admira guitars are guaranteed to the original purchaser for 3 years from the date of purchase, against production and/or material defects, except tuning pegs and strings. Now, register your new admira guitar and get the warranty extended for 2 more years. This way your new admira guitar will be covered for 5 years.

This warranty does not cover breakage or wear and tear caused by normal use, nor damage caused by alteration or repair by unauthorized persons, nor damage caused by misuse of the guitar, nor damage caused accidentally or as a result of changes in temperature or humidity, nor damage caused by exposure to or contact with sunlight, fire, moisture, salts, acids, guitar straps or guitar stands, nor damage caused in transit or by the use of unsuitable strings.

This guarantee is subject to the condition that the instrument is returned to the manufacturer via the original dealer, seller or importer, with postage and packaging paid for, and on the understanding that the instrument will be returned with postage paid for by the purchaser after repair. Together with the defective guitar, the purchaser must send the purchase invoice, this warranty booklet and a detailed report of the defect.

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