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admira guitars forms part of the brand group of Enrique Keller, a leading guitar manufacturer and wholesale distributor of musical instruments located in the north of Spain, in the town of Zarautz. Since the founding of the Company in 1944, Enrique Keller has grown to become a benchmark in both the Spanish national and overseas markets. Through decades of hard work and constant refinement, we have made admira guitars famous throughout the world and our instruments are highly valued, especially for their characteristic sound. Below, you will find the most important hallmarks of our evolution.


The company’s founders make their first musical instruments: harmonicas.


The company Enrique Keller, S.A. is founded.


Commercial manufacture of musical toys and harmonicas is fully established.


The first guitars are built and marketed under the Ritmo brand name.


Electric guitars began to be manufactured under the Invicta brand name.


Guitarras admira is born and the Ritmo brand becomes the second brand of the company.


DO RE MI children’s toys and musical instruments are made.


Part of the guitar manufacturing process is industrialized. Up to 300 guitars are made per day.


The production of acoustic guitars under the brand name admira begins.


The first admira guitar with a solid top was created.


The 1,000,000th guitar is manufactured.


admira guitars reach peak production levels: 116,000 guitars / year.


The 2,000,000th guitar is produced.


The admira logo is redesigned.


The company moves to a brand new site, remaining in its hometown of Zarautz.


The production of the acoustic guitar line is resumed, this time under the name admira Acoustics.


The 3,000,000th guitar is manufactured.




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During our business history, different generations have been part of this great family that has dedicated itself to the world of music. We have passed down the traditional techniques of guitar manufacturing and construction from generation to generation. That knowledge and desire translates into what we are today: one of the most recognized Spanish classical guitar brands in the world.

Step by step we have been growing and expanding our range of admira guitars. We’ve even launched admira ACOUSTICS, the admira ACOUSTICS guitar range, and the admira CROSSOVER, a cutaway guitar that is a cross between a classical and an acoustic guitar. Whether you are playing at home, going on a trip, or you like flamenco or folk music, we have an admira for you.

So, from your beginnings as a musician until you make it as a legend, we have the right admira guitar models to be beside you as part of your evolution as a guitarist.

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