Our responsibility

At admira we are an environmentally conscious company, committed to using materials in a responsible and sustainable way in the manufacturing of our guitars. From the selection of wood, to the production process, at admira we take care of every detail to minimize environmental impact and considerately use the planet’s natural resources to preserve them for future generations.


During our professional journey we have learned a lot from past generations, about the importance of carefully selecting the raw materials we use in the construction of our guitars, as well as the value of the circular economy and recycling.


Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests, where biodiversity, conservation, soil care and environmental impact are evaluated and mitigated.


Our raw material is wood, with which admira guitars are built. We pay special attention to the selection we make of the woods and ensure that the wood we use complies with the provisions of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora.


We have a zero waste policy. During the production process, each piece of wood is used to the maximum, avoiding the generation of unnecessary waste.

European regulations

One of the main measures adopted by admira is the use of certified wood from sustainable sources.


From the selection of wood to the production process, admira takes care of every detail to minimize environmental impact and preserve natural resources.